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VP44 Golden Pelicans

Patrol Squadron 44 - From Victory at Midway to the end of the Cold War
We served with PRIDE!

On June 3, 1942, PBY-5a 44-P-4 found the Japanese Fleet approaching Midway and reported “Main Body.” It has been said that this was the single most important patrol plane contribution of World War 2, turning the tide of the World War 2 to the favor of the United States.

This Web-Site is dedicated to all those who have served in Patrol Squadron Forty-Four (VP-44), And to its predecessors, And to its successors, following redesignation in 1940, Patrol Squadron Two Hundred-Four (VP-204) Patrol Bombing Squadron Two Hundred-Four (VPB-204) Medium Patrol Squadron (Seaplane) Four (VP MS-4), And to the wives, sweethearts and families who provided the support for the women & men serving their country as U.S. Naval air crewman and support personnel in PATRON Forty-Four.

VP-44 Reunions are for all personnel (VP-204, VPB-204, VPMS-4, VPB-44, VP-44*). Spouses and family members of departed shipmates are encouraged to attend! 

* The historical path of VP-44 is — VP-44; VPB-44 (1940-44), VP-204 (1945-46), VPMS-4 (1946-48), VP-44 (1948-50), and VP-44 (1951-1991).  For additional information see history page.