Mini-Reunions 2005
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Mini-Reunion No. 1

Denver (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania

Attached are photos of this past week-ends reunion of the route 13/301 road runners - 

Ralph Cook, Richard Morgan, Dan Swaney, Billy Estes, Ralph Bernard, Frank Romeo,

and Fred Busler.  This is a group of guys that used to ride to and from New York and 

New Jersey from Norfolk and from PAX. Added to that group is Ron Nalepinski from Minnesota

and John Mutch from PA.

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Mini-Reunion No. 2
maryland crab feast

Below are photos of more old fart get-togethers. Joe Carr was an Ordnanceman with VP-44 in the late 50's early 60's. He was on Captain Pierce's crew and Commander Kease' s crew along with Ralph Bernard, Frank Romeo, Billy Estes and others. They gathered around Commander Kaese in August 2005 and up-lifted his spirits. Then we all met at Franks for a Maryland Crab feast.

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