This Web-Site is dedicated to all those who have served in Patrol Squadron Forty-Four (VP-44), And to its predecessors, And to its successors, following redesignation in 1940, Patrol Squadron Two Hundred-Four (VP-204) Patrol Bombing Squadron Two Hundred-Four (VPB-204) Medium Patrol Squadron (Seaplane) Four (VP MS-4), And to the wives, sweethearts and families who provided the support for the women & men serving their country as U.S. Naval air crewman and support personnel in PATRON Forty-Four.

VP-44 Reunions are for all personnel (VP-204, VPB-204, VPMS-4, VPB-44, VP-44*). Spouses and family members of departed shipmates are encouraged to attend!

The historical path of VP-44 is — VP-44; VPB-44 (1940-44), VP-204 (1945-46), VPMS-4 (1946-48), VP-44 (1948-50), and VP-44 (1951-1991).